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BTS at ENK International Coterie with Yoana Baraschi

From Fashion Week to Coterie happening back to back, we’ve had quite the whirlwind of all things fashion. From the not-so-glamorous end of getting everything of the physical set up, to the gratification of seeing an amazing show come to life, it’s been quite the month (or two).

This past weekend was Coterie, where we bring fashion week looks to life, by showing the entire collection to buyers, with fingers crossed that they leave with long wish-lists. Today, we want to give you a sneak peak of what happened at Coterie, and a few glimpses of the collection. Enjoy!

Our beautiful booth that our design team set up!
The dress we all love. I mean, look at those details!
1 of the many racks we had for our Spring/ Summer 15 collection!
We’re all about the details.
The Yoana Baraschi taking it all in as our sales team are selling away!
All images by: Ruby Maxwell

And now, let’s catch a breath and admire the hard work and shop. How was your Fashion Week/ Coterie experience?