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Take a look behind the inspiration for Yoana’s Spring 2016 collection featured in Pantone’s Spring 2016 color report. Get a glimpse behind the scenes with Yoana’s inspiration!

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Prominent Colors

This season we liked the softening of colors and the transition of cool Pinks as in classic Fuchsia Pink (PANTONE 15-2718) into a symphony of Lilacs such as Lilac Chiffon (PANTONE 15-2913), or cooler tones such as Sheer Lilac (PANTONE 16-3617) and Pastel Lilac (PANTONE 14-3812), as well as Violets such as Violet (PANTONE 16-3320), Lavender (PANTONE 15-3817) and Violet Tulle (PANTONE 16-3416). This intriguing palette of Violets and Lilacs looks particularly surprising and modern when accented with our favorite fiery Poppy Red (PANTONE 17-1664). Easter Egg (PANTONE 16-3925) and deep Periwinkle Blue continue this moody dusk to dawn palette into the Blue family. When contrasted with Black and White, the palette takes a graphic turn in illustrated floral prints or embroideries.



The spectacular August sunsets over the Hudson river; the Black and White reality of the city is engulfed by the all-powerful drama of nature. Pink and Violet clouds on the New York West Side sky are just as magical of a backdrop as any distant, exotic island paradise.

Taylor Brown-photo-Yoana Baraschi

Signature Colors

Cool tone Pinks/ Lilacs/ Violets/ Lavenders because of all their modern edge and eerie vibe.

Must-have Item For Spring 2016

A high-waisted Pink/Lavender tailored midi skirt with an impossibly high slit.

How do you use color to impart an emotion?

We choose a color based on its ability to move you, to sway you; a star color for the season has to feel new and a little subversive to the status quo.


Cafe Con Leche

Our design team took a quick brake to check out the Park Slope staple- Cubana Cafe.        Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-1 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-2 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-3 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-4 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-5 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-6 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-7

All photos taken on location- Cubana Cafe, Park Slope Brooklyn.

Janely wears: Yoana Baraschi Snow Leopard Maxi Dress 

Bre wears: Abuja Fit & Flare Dress in Magenta

Taylor wears: Vintage YB jacket and Sunset Palm Dress with Lace


BTS at ENK International Coterie with Yoana Baraschi

From Fashion Week to Coterie happening back to back, we’ve had quite the whirlwind of all things fashion. From the not-so-glamorous end of getting everything of the physical set up, to the gratification of seeing an amazing show come to life, it’s been quite the month (or two).

This past weekend was Coterie, where we bring fashion week looks to life, by showing the entire collection to buyers, with fingers crossed that they leave with long wish-lists. Today, we want to give you a sneak peak of what happened at Coterie, and a few glimpses of the collection. Enjoy!

Our beautiful booth that our design team set up!
The dress we all love. I mean, look at those details!
1 of the many racks we had for our Spring/ Summer 15 collection!
We’re all about the details.
The Yoana Baraschi taking it all in as our sales team are selling away!
All images by: Ruby Maxwell

And now, let’s catch a breath and admire the hard work and shop. How was your Fashion Week/ Coterie experience?

We kicked off #NYFW with a breakfast presentation with WWD at the Wayfarer. Scroll down to see the behind-the-scenes of the show in action.

Ruby_Maxwell_YB_Spring_15_BTS-17The magic happening pre-show, by Butter London.
The perfect messy bun, by Rusk
Backstage post hair & make up
Calm before the storm
Our favorite shot after a successful show, by our photographer Ruby Maxwell

A huge thank you to our hair and make up teams, photographer and of course our YB team for all your hard work – it really paid off! x

For additional behind-the-scenes images, follow us on Instagram @yoanabaraschi!