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Cafe Con Leche

Our design team took a quick brake to check out the Park Slope staple- Cubana Cafe.        Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-1 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-2 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-3 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-4 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-5 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-6 Yoana-Baraschi-photo-Taylor-Brown-Cubana-Cafe-7

All photos taken on location- Cubana Cafe, Park Slope Brooklyn.

Janely wears: Yoana Baraschi Snow Leopard Maxi Dress 

Bre wears: Abuja Fit & Flare Dress in Magenta

Taylor wears: Vintage YB jacket and Sunset Palm Dress with Lace


Summer Pleats


Pleated skirts are perfect for summer. Our holographic pleats are lined with a black pencil skirt, so you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing anything away ; ) This spread was photographed by the dreamy Hana Haley and was styled by the model, Ruby Tanja. What are your summer essentials?Hana_Haley_01 Hana_Haley_02 Hana_Haley_03 Hana_Haley_04 Hana_Haley_05 Hana_Haley_06